Samsung Livestreaming its Galaxy & ATIV Premiere Event Tomorrow

Samsung Galaxy & ATIV Event

Tomorrow at 3PM EST / 2PM CST, Samsung will be livestreaming it’s Samsung Premiere 2013 Event for its new Galaxy and ATIV devices, which are rumored to include a Galaxy Note 3 and new Windows Phone device.

Samsung has done a tremendous job lately preventing leaks from occurring and everyone guessing.  Some prototypes of the Galaxy S4 did end up leaking a few days in advance to much doubt, but for the most part the company has done an admirable job keeping things close to the vest.  Samsung has made a lot of noise lately with several releases that include a nice array of Galaxy S4 variants and even a dedicated Galaxy camera.  Rumors earlier in the year pointed to an all-aluminum housing for a Galaxy Note 2 successor, which is definitely within the realm of possibility considering it sees a yearly release just like its smaller brother, the S4, although it would be a little early considering they’ve been announced toward the end of summer rather than the very beginning.

The ‘phablet’ market may be heating up, however, as rumors also suggest Apple making a foray into the over-sized screen smartphone market, but those rumors are definitely without substance as of now.

You can tune in and watch the event as it happens on YouTube at

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