Samsung Releases New Galaxy S5

Samsung has released their next big thing, the Galaxy S5, and it’s so far outpacing sales records set by its predecessor.  Samsung has raised the size of the screen even further to 5.1″ while keeping the actual dimensions of the phone nearly identical to the Galaxy S4.  The device saw a simultaneous worldwide release last week in 100s of different countries in several different colors including Blue, Gold, White, and Black.

The Galaxy S5 adds a few new key features to the device including a Heart Rate Monitor on the back where the camera and flash are, and also a Finger Print Scanner where the Home button is.  Unlike the Touch ID implementation that the iPhone 5s has, Samsung requires users swipe their finger down in order to make an accurate read.  There have also been some news that the scanner has already been compromised to varying levels of success.

Samsung has also introduced new accessories for the Galaxy S5, including their S-View Flip Covers, Wireless Charging Backs, and protective cases.  You can browse for more third party Galaxy S5 cases at the official site here:

Samsung has also introduced several new software tweaks to their user interface, still called TouchWiz, and has updated their suite of apps including S Health, Music, their App Store, and much more.

The Galaxy S5 is currently available on all of the major US carriers, and other smaller, regional carriers will be following soon, including MetroPCS and Ting.


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