Samsung Releases New Galaxy S5

Samsung has released their next big thing, the Galaxy S5, and it’s so far outpacing sales records set by its predecessor.  Samsung has raised the size of the screen even further to 5.1″ while keeping the actual dimensions of the phone nearly identical to the Galaxy S4.  The device saw a simultaneous worldwide release last week in 100s of different countries in several different colors including Blue, Gold, White, and Black.

The Galaxy S5 adds a few new key features to the device including a Heart Rate Monitor on the back where the camera and flash are, and also a Finger Print Scanner where the Home button is.  Unlike the Touch ID implementation that the iPhone 5s has, Samsung requires users swipe their finger down in order to make an accurate read.  There have also been some news that the scanner has already been compromised to varying levels of success.

Samsung has also introduced new accessories for the Galaxy S5, including their S-View Flip Covers, Wireless Charging Backs, and protective cases.  You can browse for more third party Galaxy S5 cases at the official site here:

Samsung has also introduced several new software tweaks to their user interface, still called TouchWiz, and has updated their suite of apps including S Health, Music, their App Store, and much more.

The Galaxy S5 is currently available on all of the major US carriers, and other smaller, regional carriers will be following soon, including MetroPCS and Ting.


Samsung Prepping Galaxy Round Smartphone with Curved Screen

Forbes has just run a report today that puts the spotlight on an upcoming Samsung handset with a curved display being announced sometime this month called the Galaxy Round.  Some have speculated that the Galaxy Round will included a curved OLED 5.7″ screen.  This is just after LG has announced similar screen tech in a 6″ variety.  One date being thrown around is October 10th 2013, which could possibly be the initially unveiling of the device.

It appears that specs of the Galaxy Round match those of the Galaxy Note 3, which packs the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor clocked at 2.3gHz and 3GB of RAM.  Some expect the new Galaxy Round to cost as much as $950 dollars which would make it one of the most expensive smartphones on the market, surpassing the high-end iPhone 5s and Samsung’s own Galaxy Note 3.

More details regarding availability and press shots should be available sometime later this week.

Google and Samsung Release Galaxy S4 Google Edition

Galaxy S4 Google Edition (White)

Samsung and Google teamed up to bring a new version of the Galaxy S4 to consumers in the United States via the Google Play Store.  The Galaxy S4 Google Edition is a Galaxy S4 on the outside, but a little bit different of a beast on the inside.  The internal hardware is the same, but the big difference is the software that it runs.  The Google Edition runs a bare-bones version of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean with no modifications to the UI or additional applications from Samsung or any carrier.  While this definitely makes the phone more lean, there are some big features missing that helped separate the Galaxy S4 from the competition such as AirView, special camera app functionality, and a lot more.

The Google Edition also has an unlocked bootloader, which basically allows users and developers to flash custom ROMs such as Paranoid Android or Cyanogenmod to their device without voiding the warranty.

You can buy the Galaxy S4 Google Edition from the Play Store in the US today for $649.99.

Source: Unlocked Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A Officially Announced

Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A

In a press release, Samsung has announced the brand new Galaxy S4 LTE-A, the first device capable of LTE-A data speeds for a vastly improved multimedia experience.  The device is able to combine different LTE frequencies into a single downstream to make downloads much more quicker.  Under the hood, Samsung has also upgraded the device to the new Snapdragon 800, a quad-core CPU clocked at 2.3GHz.  The internal storage sits at 32GB, and is still expandable via microSD for an additional 64GB of storage.

Outside of the processor and LTE-A capability, the device is exactly the same as its little brother, the original Galaxy S4.  The initial colors will be Red Aurora and Blue Arctic, and it’s slated to exclusively launch in South Korea for SK Telecom this summer.

Read the full press release from Samsung here!

Samsung on Verge of Settling EU Antitrust Suit

Last year, the European Union began to investigate and later filed a lawsuit against Samsung for anti-competitive practices related to what they perceived as an abuse of their patents by way of court injunctions.  The European Commission, which serves as a competition regulator across the EU oversaw the case and Samsung is preparing to settle the charges.

Samsung and Apple caused a large uproar last year as they battled around the globe over patents and designs on their popular smartphones and tablets.  At one point in the United States, Apple actually won a major lawsuit against Samsung that temporarily banned the sale of some of Samsung’s devices and was penalized over a billion dollars.  Five patents and some design similarities were argued successfully to infringe on some of Apple’s products by their legal team.

No settlement amount has been publicized by either party, and both the EU commission and Samsung had no comment at the time of publication.

Source: Reuters

Samsung Launches Three Galaxy Tab 3 Tablets

Galaxy Tab 3 in White

Adding to an already sprawling lineup of tablets, Samsung has just announced three variants of their upcoming Galaxy Tab 3, the third annual lineup of Android-powered tablets.  There are a lot of different configuration options this time around, and a new 8″ model that may actually compete with the Galaxy Note 8.0.  The rest of the Galaxy Tab 3 lineup includes the familiar 10.1″ and 7″ screen sizes in the familiar frame.

The Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 has a dual core 1.2GHz processor with a 1024×600 screen, putting it below the Nexus 7 in terms of PPI and resolution.  The 8″ variant includes a 1.5GHz dual core processor with a 1280×800 screen resolution, equaling that of the Galaxy Note 8.0.  The 10.1″ version actually has the same 1280×800 resolution on the larger screen, but internally it houses an Intel Z2560 dual core processor clocked at 1.6GHz.  This may actually be Intel’s first real attempt into the Android mobile market of devices.

The new Galaxy Tab 3 lineup will be available starting on July 7th, 2013 in both White and Brown.

South Koreans Upset over Galaxy S4 LTE-A Refresh

A few days ago we reported on a story that Samsung would soon be releasing a refreshed version of the Galaxy S4 with a faster processor and LTE-Advanced capabilities.  While no word was given on when or if this new refresh would be released in the United States, it was definitely going to be released in Samsung’s native South Korea.  South Koreans aren’t too happy.

Understandably so.

The Galaxy S4 launched just under 2 months ago, and the fact that a faster version is already being released is somewhat of a slap in the face to their customer base.  Of course, when it finally rolls out in the United States, it’ll be the same dilemma the company is facing.  Perhaps keeping the Galaxy S4 moniker wasn’t a great idea for the new handset?  We actually don’t even know the name of the new variant yet, but it could be made much more expensive to help everyone feel better, but we doubt that will be the case when it launches in a few weeks.

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Samsung Unveils Galaxy NX Smartcamera

Galaxy NX with Interchangeable Lenses

Samsung has been hard at work creating all kinds of franken-devices, and the Galaxy NX is their attempt at creating a high-quality camera and Android device hybrid. Not to be mistaken with the Galaxy S4 Zoom, which weighs heavily on the smartphone side and less on the camera, all things considered, the Galaxy NX is a true camera with smartphone-like functionality. The lens are interchangeable much like a professional camera, and the sensor is a whopping 20.3 megapixels. It also records 1080p video at 25 frames per second.

In terms of hardware, the Galaxy NX looks the part, and even includes a 4.8″ AMOLED touchscreen that also serves as a viewfinder when it’s not serving as the touch interface for Android 4.2.  The Galaxy NX is also capable of transmitting data over 3G, 4G LTE, WiFi, and Bluetooth 4.0.  Inside the device is a quad-core 1.6GHz processor with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, and a microSD slot to expand your storage further, presumably by an additional 64GB.  This is also a Google-approved device, so you will have full access to the Google suite of apps, including the Play Store, Gmail, YouTube, and more.

The Galaxy NX won’t take just any lenses, however, so you’ll have to find Galaxy NX lenses that are available in several different types, including pancake, telephoto, wide-angle, and 3D.

Pricing and availability wasn’t mentioned, but we expect it to cost north of $599 if their past cameras are of any indication.

HomeSync Lite Turns Your PC into a Personal Cloud

Samsung has announced HomeSync Lite, which essentially turns your PC into a personal cloud server that all of your Samsung devices can access remotely.  A cool thing that makes this different than a traditional setup is that compatible Samsung devices can all communicate with each other through the personal cloud.  For example, you can access content on your Galaxy NX camera from your Galaxy S4 completely wirelessly.

There is no cost associated with HomeSync Lite, and it will work with devices besides Samsung’s own products as well.  Check out the video below with what seems to be a very good, computer-automated voice, or someone with a very unique dialect:

Samsung Announces ATIV Q Windows 8 Convertible Tablet

At the Samsung Premiere Event in London today, Samsung announced a few new products, but one of the most awe-inspiring devices was their new ATIV Q convertible tablet.  The tablet is powered by Windows 8 and the new Intel Haswell CPU’s, which tout higher power efficiency as well as extremely powerful graphics processing when compared to its predecessor, the Ivy Bridge.

The ATIV Q is crafted from magnesium, which is the same metal used for Microsoft’s Surface tablets, and is extremely thin.  What made everyone’s jaws drop to the floor was the convertible capability of the device.  The presenter swung the screen up and out, revealing a keyboard, and then showed off the different ways the screen and tablet could be manipulated into different viewing angles and positions.  The screen also had a qHD+ 3200×1800 pixel resolution, which Samsung claims is the highest in the world for such a screen size.

No pricing or release information was immediately available, but we will keep you posted as soon as we get word.